Cleaning the HURST Boiler SG-1800-225 boiler at the PEPSICO RUSSIA facility

PEPSICO RUSSIA Company had problems with cleaning the HURST Boiler SG-1800-225 boiler and in the spring of 2018 its representatives requested to ASGARD Service for help.

Работы по очистке котла HURST Boiler SG-1800-225

Pepsico required our services for the following reasons:

  • gas consumption was above normal
  • pressure drop exceeded the performance data, the boiler efficiency decreased
  • The boiler efficiency has decreased.

Our specialists examined the boiler, analyzed sediment samples and decided to apply mechanical cleaning of the boiler based on this analysis.

Technology and procedure for carrying out mechanical cleaning procedures:

  1. The boiler was shut down and taken out of the working process for a while.
  2. Hatches were opened in the front and rear of the boiler
  3. For cleaning, tools with a pneumatic drive and a set of rotating nozzles with the DN 65 metal brush at the end were used.

Специальное оборудование для очистки котла

Mechanical cleaning was carried out using pneumatically powered grinders. In order to exclude electric shock as well as to protect the respiratory and visual organs against dust, our experts used personal protective equipment while carrying out the cleaning.

After the boiler was mechanically cleaned, chemical cleaning was carried out.

During chemical cleaning, special chemicals allowed to be used in the food industry were used. In this particular case, it was PANTAMASH E-5.

What equipment did we use for chemical cleaning:

  • a pumping station with a capacity of 230 m3/h;
  • DU 100 hoses with increased resistance to acids and alkalis;
  • an electrical cabinet with a soft starter placed in it;
  • intermediate tank for a chemical solution;
  • brushes, flanges, tees, block valves;
  • Ifkhan-55 inhibitor;
  • PENTAMASH E-5 detergent;
  • an agent neutralizing waste solution.

Ход работ по очистке котла заказчика

For high-quality and rational cleaning, our experts calculated the amount of reagents taking into account their addition, if necessary. As for the inhibitor, it was used to protect the pipe surface against rust.

The entire volume of the site to be washed was filled with a detergent composition; air was released at the upper points. The solution was left in a quiet position for at least 4 hours to ensure contact with the inner surface.

After this period, the circulation of the detergent composition was started. For this, the section was looped using DU 100 hoses, a pumping unit and an intermediate tank for a chemical solution. The circulation was carried out until the boiler was completely cleaned of deposits.

Chemical cleaning procedures should be carried out in the following order:

  1. One-way circulation of the cleaning agent – 4 hours
  2. The circulation of the content in the other direction – 4 hours (if the technical capabilities allow it).

Cleaning should be continued until the chemical reaction stops. In the case of Pepsico, the chemical cleaning took about 34 hours. The reaction intensity was moderate; the PENTOMASH E-5 reagent was added twice with a four-hour interval (from the beginning of the washing operation until the pH stabilization). At the end, the waste solution was neutralized.

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Photos of the progress of cleaning the HURST Boiler SG-1800-225 boiler and its equipment