Pipeline tapping and shutdown

Pipeline tapping and shutdown in cooperation with T.D. Williamson Company

One of the services provided by ASGARD-Service is the pipeline tapping and shutdown. Repair and replacement of damaged areas are made according to the technology developed by TDWilliamson. When using traditional methods, it is necessary to stop the whole process and remove the entire product from the section – this, in turn, leads to large financial losses and environmental pollution. Installation and equipment of TDWilliamson Company allows to avoid unpleasant consequences, including saving money.

Как происходит врезка и перекрытие трубопровода

The system is used with pipelines of certain parameters:

  • cut hole should have a diameter of 15-1420 mm;
  • diameter of the overlapped pipelines – 15-2400 mm;
  • standard product temperature should not exceed 371°C;
  • pressure in the pipeline in the process of tapping can reach 100 atm in the standard version, 160 atm in a special version;
  • pressure in the pipeline system during the shutdowncan reach up to 70 atm in the standard version and 110 atm in the special version.

Схематический вид врезки в трубопровод

The equipment is designed to work with steel, cast iron, polyethylene pipes, as well as systems made of stainless steel, reinforced concrete or asbestos cement. The following may be used as a transported product:

  • natural and liquefied gas;
  • gas condensate;
  • propane, butane and ethane;
  • petroleum products;
  • water;
  • ammonia, nitrogen.

The tapping is made at any angle relative to the axis, any deviations in the spatial position are also allowed, which greatly facilitates the actions of a specialist.

Схематическое изображение нестандартной врезки в трубопровод

Stages of work

The pipeline tapping is carried out by professional experts who are familiar with the features of the technology. It is produced in several stages:

  1. Installation of fittings for valves and nozzles for pressure equalization;
  2. Installation of special mills, with the help of which the pipe is cut, on the valve. Direct drilling, at the end of which the valve closes and the device is dismantled. Installation of the bypass or shutdown of mechanism on the flange.
  3. Pipeline shutdown with special devices that are mounted on internal fittings. Hermetic shutdown of the pipe section with blocking heads, due to which the pipe section is released from the product.
  4. Dismantlement of the drill and bypass, installation of blind joints or plugs on the fittings.

Вариант врезки в трубопровод

Схематический вид трубопровода с обозначениями элементов

If all safety rules and technology requirements are observed, repair and service works by ASGARD-Service specialists do not take much time.

This technology is described in more detail in our presentation.