Preparation of engineering systems for the heating period

Employees of public services usually suddenly realize that winter has come. This is certainly a joke, but the preparation of heating systems for operation in the winter season must be approached seriously, exercising it annually and systematically. The implementation of a full-fledged complex of works included in the preparation is impossible if the maintenance of the system (pressure testing) and the execution of the relevant documentation are not taken care of.

Flushing and pressure testing of networks is necessary for cleaning them from rust and salts. Otherwise, heating will require a lot of resources, and the effect will be low. Thanks to hydraulic testing, the durability of the networks is checked and leaks are detected. Elimination of such problems by the management company and the owners is carried out in the summer.

Подготовка инженерных систем к отопительному периоду

Every caring owner should start by flushing the heating system. Thanks to this action, it is possible to determine even with minor connection failures.

Flushing is carried out using the following methods:

  1. Hydraulic flushing, which is the most simple. It is carried out in a period of heavy rain, ensuring the delivery of high-pressure water in the system.
  2. Hydropneumatic flushing. A mixture of heat carrier and compressed air under high pressure is launched into the system. Due to this, the heating system is cleaned from such danger as lime deposits.
  3. Chemical flushing. It is carried out with the help of special compositions that effectively dissolve contaminants and remove them from the system.

Pressure testing is a method of complex hydraulic testing carried out to prepare the premises for operation during the heating season, as well as:

  • after installing the heating equipment;
  • before the pipeline is put into operation;
  • upon completion of a major overhaul;
  • after work related to the reconstruction of engineering technological enterprise;
  • in the process of replacing the valves or shutters.

Работы на ИТП

When preparing heating systems, it is necessary to carry out the following operations:

  • to prepare safety and back valve;
  • to control the operation of the temperature controller, thermometers and pressure gauges;
  • to check the serviceability of valves;
  • to check the stuffing box;
  • to check and repair faults in threaded connections;
  • to flush mud holes and filters.

Качество отопления - это важно

Heating quality

The air temperature in the premises is considered the main criterion for the quality of heating systems. It corresponds to the outdoor temperature and the water temperature in the systems of heat networks. In accordance with the Decree regarding the preparation for the heating season No. 354, it is necessary to ensure the temperature above 18°C.

In order to save resource and maintain a comfortable temperature in the premises, employees of heat supply organizations are engaged in the regulation of water temperature in the networks. In the absence of such works, the air temperature in the rooms during thaws will be high, and during falls of temperature it will be low.