Performance contract

A set of technological equipment is available in the equipment of any industrial enterprise. Most of the equipment needs scheduled repairs, in accordance with a specific schedule. When the time for shutdown maintenance is nearing, problems associated with the following begin to grow in the enterprise:

  • Contamination or critical equipment condition;
  • Reduced workflow efficiency;
  • Performance degradation;
  • Substandard product;
  • Insufficient amount of product;
  • Additional energy consumption;
  • Significant reduction in efficiency.

Due to all the above-mentioned problems, which are growing before shutdown maintenance, there are quite large costs incurred by the company in connection with the restoration of equipment and the return to functional parameters.

First of all, significant costs of enterprises are associated with direct cleaning and repair of equipment. The loss of a considerable amount is caused by low-quality operation of the equipment (loss of product, poor quality product, etc.).

After making approximate calculations between 2 shutdown maintenances, a conclusion is drawn about the significant impact on the financial activity of the enterprise, the costs associated with the repairs, as well as losses due to low equipment parameters.

Is it possible to avoid problems with a similar financial crisis?

Proposing a new approach to getting rid of problems, related to the pollution of technological equipment, is among the services of ASGARD-Service Company. The approach is to maintain an effective level of technological equipment parameters in the period from one to another shutdown maintenance.

The parameters (heat transfer, piggability, flow) are maintained using the air-pulse method. In this process equipment does not need to stop. This contributes to:

  • Functioning of the equipment during the period of repair or cleaning without shutdown maintenance;
  • Preservation of the nominal values of the operating parameters of the operating equipment, which means energy savings during the year, increasing the production of the product or its quality;
  • A two-fold increase in equipment run time.

The work of the performance contract is structured as follows:

  • Identification of problem equipment that is rapidly contaminated and requires frequent cleaning;
  • Readings of working equipment, with deterioration of its parameters during the previous year. Based on the indicators, a schedule of visits to the facility of service engineers is calculated;
  • Determination of the possibility of using a pneumatic impulse for cleaning this equipment, methods of connection and other things;
  • Calculation of the technical and economic feasibility of performance contract (the expediency is calculated in accordance with the cost of the contract and the economic effect).

Work related to cleaning equipment, in accordance with performance contract, is performed in the process of shutdown maintenance. The losses and costs associated with the repair of equipment are reduced and the period between shutdown maintenances is increased in the expediency of the concluded contract.

The customer pays ONLY for the quality result!